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The New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep: Cannabis Infused Gummies For Your Daily Routine

It’s that time of year again, January. A time for new year’s resolutions and a slew of “New Year, New You” memes, posts and tweets. In a world of gym memberships and fad diets, we’ve got a new year’s resolution you can actually keep: your (delicious) daily dose of cannabinoids. We’ve partnered with Stillwater Brands to make it simple with their newly released line of marijuana gummy supplements. Low in sugar & calories and created with all natural ingredients, Stillwater Brands’ marijuana gummies will leave you feeling fresh and renewed for the year of adulting ahead.

So how do cannabis infused gummies work you might ask...these THC & CBD supplements are infused with Ripple, a zero calorie, flavorless THC & CBD powder which can be added to drinks and food to give you a dose of cannabinoids without the traditional tastes or smells associated with marijuana flower. Available in 3 different microdosed variations, it is easy to dose whether you are an expert level consumer of edibles or exploring the world of edibles for the first time. NOTE: As with all edible products you should always start low and go slow.


5mg THC per serving

0mg CBD per serving

10 Calories per serving

A very juicy and lightly bitter orange flavor hits on your first bite. This gummy is focused on citrus flavors, but without adding an extra load of sugar to sweeten it. In turn these are not some super sour edible that will cause your face to cringe. This one is about balance at least in the flavor department, however the cannabinoids are solely THC focused. Simply put this variety is the one you’d use to get high. In my opinion this one can work for either those who want to take a long hike in Colorado’s beautiful wilderness or those who are more into the whole “Netflix and chill” thing.


2.5mg THC per serving

2.5mg CBD per serving

10 calories per serving

Whoa! No doubt all of these marijuana gummies are flavorful, but this one is literally bursting with mango! The green tea is more subtle, but it’s there and the combination works perfectly. At 2.5mg of THC and 2.5mg of CBD I found this working really well as a functional pain reliever. It’s also useful for those who find a 10mg edible dose to be too overwhelming. This would be a great place to start for tourists or locals who want to experience edibles for the first time. Even as a more seasoned user of edibles, I found these very helpful as a mood enhancer and I would take a couple when I was planning what I was going to do on my days off.


0.25mg THC per serving

5mg CBD per serving

10 calories per serving

I found this variety helpful for more serious pain relief and sleep. With 5mg of CBD and a very minimal 0.25mg of THC (to help enhance the therapeutic effects of the CBD), this works wonderfully as a medicinal supplement. Lavender itself is known to promote sleep and dreams so its inclusion here works perfectly and flavor wise, the lavender and honey blend beautifully together. I occasionally get bad sciatica pain and a few of these at night not only helped me through the pain but helped give me a peaceful sleep. I could honestly see myself using these every night.

Overall, this new product from Stillwater has enough range and variety to appeal to all types of consumers. Whether you are looking for a product to give you that pleasant weed buzz or you find cannabinoids helpful as a daily supplement, these cannabis infused gummies will work for you. The wonderful flavor combinations, along with the consistency of the dosing, will keep you coming back to Stillwater on a regular basis.

Interested in trying Stillwater Gummy Supplements yourself? Stop by any Colorado Starbuds location for 25% Off Stillwater Cannabis Infused Gummy Supplements all January.


Ed Barcas worked in the beer, wine and liquor industry for 15 years. He is a certified tasting judge and has used this experience to transition to become Starbuds’ resident cannabis connoisseur. When he’s not writing about cannabis, he can be found exploring creepy locales in Colorado as an amateur paranormal investigator.

Have cannabis questions or ideas for blogs? Let us know!

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