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Competing Strains for Dope Cup

"The DOPE Cup, now one of the most respected cannabis competitions in the country, continues to elevate its name through a highly transparent and technical judging processes matched only by seamless event production. With upwards of 2000 attendees expected; a reach in the tens of thousands virally, a national platform and stellar musical acts, the DOPE Cup Colorado is making its Rocky Mountain debut! The First Annual Colorado DOPE Cup will no doubt bring that Dope flavor!"

The Dope Cup is steadily approaching and will be held THIS Sunday, August 13th at 4 PM, so make sure you RSVP to reserve your ticket at:

Our master grower is entering 3 strains in the Dope Cup this Sunday -

here's a sneak peek of #1!


Already a Cannabis Cup winner, our master grower has perfected this potent sativa. This strain provides the ultimate clear-headed high, with sweet and citrusy aromas.

Here is strain #2 our master grower has entered into this Sunday's Dope Cup:


This hybrid, known for its dense pink and purple flowers, often produces a fruity aroma with undertones of pine. The high is uplifting yet relaxing, with a warm pressure that gradually creeps from your temples to your forehead.

And finally, here is the 3rd strain our master grower has entered in the Dope Cup:


This indica is an extraordinarily potent strain with bright green nugs with beautiful white trichomes on every bud. It is an excellent strain for chronic pain relief and insomnia.

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