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Grand Opening Event : Commerce City

Starbuds celebrated the grand opening of its 8th retail store in Commerce City earlier this month. The new store debuted with a ribbon cutting ceremony put on by the Commerce City Chamber of Commerce, followed by an all day celebration with special deals, vendor booths, and a live broadcast from FLO 107.1/

Starbuds was honored to have Commerce City Mayor Sean Ford participating in the ribbon cutting ceremony, along with Mayor Pro Tem Rene Bullock and Councilman Andrew Amador. The strong presence from the City reflects the growing importance of the cannabis industry in driving economic development in Colorado. Mayor Ford highlighted this reality in his address to those gathered for the ceremony. The message he had for onlookers is Commerce City views Starbuds as a partner for the future, and an engine for generating tax dollars to support crucial city programs.

The positive economic impact of the Cannabis Industry has been proven. Marijuana Policy Group research shows that in 2015, the cannabis industry created more than 18,000 full time jobs in the Rocky Mountain State and “legal marijuana activities generated $2.39 billion in state output” in the same year.

The new Starbuds store in Commerce City is a great example of how this economic growth creates tangible benefits for Colorado communities. Prior to the construction of the new Starbuds Commerce City building, the site at 5844 Dahlia Street had languished unoccupied for many years. According to Chris McCullough, Vice President of Operations for Starbuds, “During the clean-up and restoration process we had to deal with used needles and abandoned property from years of people squatting in the building.” A vacant space littered with garbage has transformed into a flagship for the Starbuds brand.

We are proud of our newest location, and look forward to welcoming you at the new store.

Special thanks are due to Michael Scanlon from the Commerce City Chamber of Commerce for hosting the ribbon cutting ceremony, and to each of the vendors who displayed their products and offered our customers special grand opening deals: Kaviar, Taste Budz, Ripple, High Tech, and Altus.

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