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4/20: Christmas, Thanksgiving and The Super Bowl All Rolled Into One

It’s that time of year again. April 20th or 4/20 as it’s more commonly known. For the cannabis industry we say it’s like Christmas, Thanksgiving and the Super Bowl all rolled into one. I however prefer to think of it as our Independence Day. If you are out at a dispensary on 4/20 you are celebrating the freedom we have to indulge in cannabis products as any responsible adult should. 4/20 is a day like any traditional holiday where despite how much busier the stores get, we can all be a little friendlier to each other because it’s more than just standing in line to buy an ounce of flower or a gram of live resin or a pack of gummies…it’s a celebration! Of course, there are a lot of options to explore for this fun festive day so let’s take a look at just a few:


White 99

Stunning, dense flower loaded with crystals. Hints of orange and of course white with a nice citrusy kush scent to it. When you smoke it, you’ll definitely notice some floral & fruity notes which for my palate were pine needles and red apples. Gorgeous, delicious and overall the kind of strain you think of when you think of marijuana. Perfect for just kicking back with your friends and laughing for a while. A perfect hybrid which will relax you while elevating your mood.


Kaviar Cones and Moonrocks Kaviar is top shelf bud, infused with hash oil, then rolled in kief. While typically not as strong as waxes or shatters, the THC content being anywhere from 30-60% will satisfy most folks who normally dab their concentrates. In turn it is also the perfect introduction to concentrates for the uninitiated. All strains are strong and loaded with flavor. The particular strain I sampled was Banana Glue and I think anyone with functioning taste buds could pretty easily pick out the strong notes of banana and wood glue. Great for the cannabis connoisseur who’s looking for something a bit different.


Binske Chocolates The first thing you notice with these products is the eye catching packaging. I assure you the taste of these bars are just as exotic as the art on the outside. I sampled 4 different varieties of chocolate from Peru and Honduras and each had its own complex nuances as all top of the line chocolate should. For me the individual servings were just the perfect size for being able to enjoy the flavor of the product but still have a manageable high. Whether you like the dark roasty stuff or the sweeter chocolates, Binske has you covered. The hazelnut milk chocolate bar is probably the biggest crowd pleaser. Relatively sweet and certainly creamy I also loved the look when I opened the package and saw chunks of hazelnut staring me in the face. The raspberry has a nice crunchy texture to it and the sweeter fruit plays well with the darker chocolate. The sea salt bar thankfully does not overdo the salt which makes for a perfect balance of salty notes with a roastier, earthier dark chocolate. Finally, there’s the Pure Fortunato #4. Certainly the most complex of the bunch, this dark Peruvian cacao makes for some winey, tannic notes that fade into darker fruit flavors. This one will be perfect for that dark chocolate aficionado.

No matter what your preferred method of consumption, I think we can all agree that legal access to cannabis is something to celebrate. A happy 4/20 to all and goodnight!


Ed Barcas III worked in the beer, wine and liquor industry for 15 years. He is a certified tasting judge and has used this experience to transition to become Starbuds’ resident cannabis connoisseur. When he’s not writing about cannabis, he can be found exploring creepy locales in Colorado as an amateur paranormal investigator.

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