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7/10 Events in Denver, Co

In case you didn't know, 7/10 is the official "oil day" in Colorado, very much like 4/20. 710 is "OIL" backwards & upside down...which is the official term coined by the one and only, Task Rok, the creator of Highly Educated, who brought you the first titanium nails for all of you dab heads.

We kicked off the 7/10 weekend celebration with our Grand Opening Event, Friday, which was a great success.

There are a TON of deals and fun events happening in the metro area for everyone who is a concentrate lover.


Life Flower Dispensary 7/10 BBQ Monday, July 10

They will be having a party from 11-5 with live music, vendors, food + more. Anyone 21+ is welcome to join!


The Dab Day Concert Monday, July 10 -Summit Music Hall 1902 Blake Street

Denver Dispensary & Dab. Co present Chris Webby, Trev Rich, Scotty ATL, NaPalm and Trayce Chapman on Monday, July 10, at 6 p.m. at Summit Music Hall.



Cluster Studios

3888 Steele St. in Denver.

Monday July 10

This 710 event features live entertainment, outdoor games, food, vendors, art, dance, performance artists, theatrics, themed cannabis party buses from My420 Tours, and more. Tickets are free but donations are encouraged, which

benefit DENVER NORML. This event is going until 6, so don't miss out.


As always, there are a TON of concentrate deals ALL over the state of Colorado what better way to celebrate than to partake in some of the finest concentrates there are to offer. Starbuds is doing Buy One

Get One Half off on select concentrates, so be sure to stop by any of our 8 convenient locations & stock up!

Dabs, Munchies, Infinite amounts of junk food, binge watching netflix & good friends are really all you need for a great 7/10 celebration. Here are some suggestions of some great films to watch for the night.

Greatest Stoner Movies

Smiley Face

Half Baked


Up In Smoke

How High

Reefer Madness

Harold & Kumar

Cheech & Chong

Dude, Where's My Car


Kid Cannabis

Bong Water

Pineapple Express

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