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5 Tips to Host a Cannabis-Friendly Memorial Day Party

Cannabis has been a longtime ingredient in social functions, but until recently it has not received the same amount of attention or appeal as alcohol or food. As acceptance grows, so does the sophistication of consumers who now reasonably expect a refined presentation and robust spread. The days of chiefing in the upstairs bedroom or back alley are long gone, replaced with an assembly of glass pieces, metal apparatuses, and frosty flowers that bespeak artistic composition.

Planning on throwing a cannabis-themed get together for Memorial Day? Follow these 5 steps to ensure you keep your cannabis aficionados sated and content.

1. Diversify Delivery Methods

Not everyone likes to smoke, not everyone likes to vape, and not everyone likes to eat cannabis. This contention is easily the most important consideration, since many guests will promptly opt out if their preferred ingestion method is unavailable — and no one likes a Debbie Downer. This is also an opportunity to showcase the breadth of your cannabis inventory, particularly your piece collection; if you have yet to build one, this is a great excuse to splurge on beautiful glass.

You'll want to consider the big 3:


Easily the most common and favored, this method is nearly essential at any cannabis-friendly event. This option is pertinent for guests who are just beginning with cannabis since they likely have experience with smoking and will find it most comfortable. However, due to associated circumspect health effects, smoking is occasionally poo-pooed by vape enthusiasts. Luckily, there are a bounty of smoking devices at your disposal, beginning at just under $2, such as the following materials:

  • Papers

  • Pipe

  • Bong

  • Bubbler


Undeniably trendy and popular amongst the health-conscious, a vaporizer is a must-have for the refined cannabis host. The vape fanatics will be smitten, and it isn't hard to sell smokers on the health advantages that come with injesting vapor over smoke. These are also a fantastic choice for indoor events thanks to cloudless, nearly odorless vapor. There is a diverse slew of vaporizer products on the market, ranging from portable to stationary, glass to metal, big to small. If you're looking to build your repertoire, use this buyer's guide to find the vape(s) that fit your needs.


Whether or not you offer edibles is almost entirely dependent upon the nature of the event. Edibles' effects have a longer onset, meaning guests won't feel a thing at shorter events that are around two hours or less. Edibles are also typically more physical, sedative, and inconsistent, especially if you are infusing your own dish which guests won't have experience consuming. Thus, moderating dosage can be a concern. However, edibles have some hefty benefits. Everyone loves food, and eating doesn't require an acquired skill like smoking or vaping. They are versatile and festive — you can shape them into any form you like to match the theme of your event. And they are undeniably the cleanest delivery method out there.

2. Balance the Flower Spread

Not all flower is the same, and amongst the cannabis connoisseurs, this consideration is paramount. First and foremost, you'll want to keep in mind the type of strain you're offering. As you know, you have three options: indica, sativa, and hybrid. In general, sativas and hybrids are optimal for any social event since they are usually more energetic. However, you may want to have indicas on hand for an end-of-the-party nightcap. Regardless, it's smart to have all three available since most people are very particular with their preferences.

Next up is the strain. Do not make the tragic mistake of offering up nameless mystery bud. Keep your Leafly app on hand for the inquisitive guests, so when they ask you what they can expect, you can rattle off a summary of effects and flavors in typical Leafly fashion and crush all expectations of mediocrity. (I'm excited for you.)

Lastly is the quality. Dry, musty flower is a bummer, but fresh, pungent flower is thrilling. Your choice.

3. Designate a Station

You'll want to set up a cannabis corner, ideally with comfortable and plentiful seating, for a couple of reasons. First, there are a lot of materials needed for each joint or bowl and there is nothing worse than having to go on a hunt to find the grinder, or the lighter, or the ashtray. On top of that, not all of your guests may enjoy smoke or the smell, so designating a cannabis-friendly area is wise.

Lastly, make this area as comfortable as possible and try to always include seating — partaking in a miserable haste because you're cold, struggling to hit the bong because you're stuck standing, or relighting every pass because of the joint-killing wind is just sucky. For the colder climates, heat lamps are your friend.

4. Know Your Manners

These may be semantics, but such is hosting. When it comes to ceremonious sessions, whether that be passing a joint, vaporizer, or bong, patrol these factors to keep group spirits high:

  • "Hitting green" refers to the fresh, untouched bowl. This is a small gift within the cannabis culture, and generally bestowed by the bowl packer. Have fun with it.

  • Hogging bowls to yourself is rude. Different places have different customs, but generally a couple pulls is standard (hence, "puff, puff, pass"). Just make sure you or any of your guests aren't killing entire bowls in one turn. It's unsettling.

  • Sitting on your turn is a common offense as conversation flows and effects settle in. Keep the flower moving to prevent anxious, shifty eyes as precious flower burns wastefully.

  • Always remember that enjoying cannabis and its effects, while often taking place in a social setting, is actually a personal experience. Respecting people's mental and physical space will not go unappreciated.

5. Pay Attention to Ambiance

Cannabis heightens the senses, making ambiance critical. This includes, but is by no means limited to, music, lighting, and temperature. Hue lighting has never been so cherished. Controlled heating has never been so exploited. Music selection has never been a point of such contention. Take this as an opportunity to blow all expectations out of the water. Appropriate entertainment is also vital: social, heady games are a great go-to (Cards Against Humanity is a fun one). Consider cueing up Netflix or Youtube videos with visually and/or audibly stimulating selections. And food. Don't forget the food.

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