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The race for Governor is heating up...See what candidate Noel Ginsburg has to say

Just like you, we're curious what the future of legal cannabis will look like and we have our ears to the ground for the latest news. Colorado will elect a new governor in 2018 and the race is already heating up. Noel Ginsburg is a democratic candidate for the role of Colorado Governor and has been kind enough to take some time to share his thoughts about the future of cannabis and its place here in Colorado. Check out his statement below.

Noel Ginsburg for Governor CORE ISSUE BRIEF

Marijuana Industry

Growth and Taxation

"Since Colorado voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use, our state has been at the forefront of this critical movement and industry. As a candidate for Governor in 2018, I recognize the immense contributions that the Marijuana industry has made to our state since 2012—from job creation to the strengthening of our real-estate market to the contributions of tax-dollars to fund our schools and drug abuse prevention efforts.

The regulatory environment Colorado created is now something other states hope to emulate. ​As the Marijuana industry continues to expand in our state, I will work to ensure that it is supported by smart regulations that allow for the industry to grow, mature and evolve while also protecting our citizens. ​We must continue to ensure that our young people understand the risks involved in the consumption of marijuana and that the Grey and Black Market in Colorado is addressed which will only further promote a healthy and vibrant industry

The federal government continues to enforce and create unfair obstacles for the industry. As Governor, I will partner with other state executives and lead the fight to modernize our federal laws. It is vital that we allow the industry to bank legally and that we also work to remove the crippling financial burdens caused by outdated federal tax-codes, especially Section 280-E. I look forward to working with the industry and learning more from you.

Paid for by Noel for Colorado.

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