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How to Have a Happy Valentine's Day with Cannabis

Valentine’s Day is a great time to show your stoner sweetie how much he/she means to you. Fortunately, you can make this Valentine’s Day one to remember -- especially when it includes a little THC. Remember, the best memories (and the ones that create the strongest bonds) are those that entail thoughtful gifts and creative one-of-a-kind experiences. Here’s how:

Don’t forget the gifts

First thing’s first: show up with gifts. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive, just something to show your partner that you’ve been eagerly anticipating the occasion. If cards and flowers aren’t your thing, then consider some of these 420-friendly gifts your stoner sweetie is sure to love.

  • Infused chocolates

There is something about cannabis-infused chocolate that can make any stoner’s heart melt. Pick up an Incredibles bar at your local dispensary or make your own marijuana fudge at home.

  • An Assortment of “Flowers”

Anyone who consumes marijuana would appreciate a bouquet of weed “flowers”. Just pick up a few pre-rolled cones from the dispensary (or roll your own) then add a little rolling paper “rose” to the tip. This YouTube video can help.

  • Customized Lighters

Almost as important as a stash of quality green is a stash of functional lighters. What better reason to give your special someone a custom set? Make them unique with stickers, photos or cute quips then add a little packing tape to hold them in place.

  • A New Piece or Safety Case

The first hit out of a new pipe, bong or rig is always the best one. If you’re looking for something with a bit more staying power, buy your partner a new pipe or bong online or from your favorite local headshop. Providing somewhere safe and discrete to keep your glass, joints, papers, etc. is totally necessary, which is why a durable safety case is another awesome way to win someone over.

Date Night Activities for Marijuana Lovers

Don’t resort to the ol’ dinner-and-a-show bit if you want a date night to remember. This can be especially tricky if there will be cannabis consumption, but it doesn’t have to be if you keep the activities unique, fresh or nostalgic. Here are a few memory-making date night ideas that even weed won’t make you forget.

  • Try Something New

Trying new things can be scary for some, but is actually quite beneficial. It boosts confidence, kills boredom, creates new possibilities and promotes personal growth. When couples try new things together – snowboarding, dancing, tile work, sushi-rolling classes – they can both benefit personally while developing a stronger connection between themselves.

  • Get your Adrenalin Pumping

Couples that engage in adrenaline-inducing activities like rock climbing, skydiving or rollercoaster rides often experience an increased level of attraction (likely due to mistaking fear for allure). Increase the intimacy in your relationship with an adrenalin-pumping activity (and maybe save the marijuana for later).

  • Do a Restaurant Tour

Don’t settle for just one place to eat this Valentine’s Day. Once those munchies kick in, a restaurant tour will seem like the coolest thing ever. Start with appetizers and drinks at one location, move to another for your entre and a final destination (or two) for dessert.

Wrapping up the evening

With any luck, your Valentine’s Day celebration won’t end when the date itself, but with a nice wind-down at the close of the night (wink, wink). If you’re feeling especially feisty, why not invite Mary Jane into the bedroom? Here’s how:

  • Set the Mood

The right environment can make all the difference. Set yours up with a few cannabis-scented candles and a little Miles Davis to help the transition between adrenaline-pumping activities and snuggle-time with your lover.

  • Offer a Massage

Simply touching another person can be enough to bust the blues, calm a racing heart and foster a deeper connection. Show your partner how much you care about their comfort and happiness by offering a massage. Use cannabis-infused lotions and sensual oils to help your partner relax, unwind and truly appreciate your amazing hands.

  • Choose the Right Strains

Sativas can be a difficult addition to the bedroom because of their tendency to turn a person’s focus inward. Likewise, heavy indicas can cause lethargy which can make it difficult to accomplish much other than a good night’s sleep. Therefore, if cannabis will prelude anything intimate, 50/50 hybrids like Sunset Kush or Bio Diesel are recommended.

Creating a memorable Valentine’s Day takes work (more so if you’re high), but it’s well worth it if it means developing a closer relationship with your partner.
Happy Valentine's Day from Starbuds!
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