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14 Gift Ideas for that Special Cannaseur in Your Life

No matter which holiday you celebrate, the season of giving (and receiving) is quickly approaching but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list below for 15 gift ideas for that special stoner in your life.

1. THC Molecule Necklace

This lightweight stainless steel necklace is perfect for the jewelry and ganja loving stoner in your life. The design is sure to catch the eye of fellow cannabis lovers and is a great conversation starter for those who don’t know what the THC design represents.

2. Vape Hoodie

Made for waxes, oils & ejuices this vape hoodie will keep you warm and buzzed all winter long. This hoodie would be extra special for someone who loves winter sports – just imagine toking a huge dab while shredding down a mountain all at once. Epic!

3. Vaporcade

Yes. Yes, this is a vapourizer that doubles as a phone. Or a phone that doubles as a vaporizer – I guess it depends on your priorities. My only recommendation is pairing it with a Drake greeting card that reads, “you used to call me on my vape-phone.”

4. Lava Lamp Bong

These lava lamp bongs were made for the trippy, hippy stoner in your life. Might be a great gift for your parents to take them on a trip back to their 70s flower-power, fight-the-man, peace-and-love days or just anyone who likes some bad-ass glass work.

5. A Weed Vacation

Photo credit: Rebloggy

If you’re really looking to splurge, treat your friend or significant other to a weed vacation. Check out this list of top cannabis tourist tours in the United States.

6. Dopeball

One of the dopest gifts to give this year. The creator of the earlier mentioned Vape Hoodie brings you this dopeball, perfect for discretly hiding your stash and smoke gear. This would be especially cool for the sports fanatic in your life.

7. Joint Rolling Machine

Photo credit

This rolling machine is a classic for the less experienced toker (or the lazy one who just never learned how to roll). Don’t forget to throw in some sweet papes and watch our video on how to roll a joint with a rolling machine.

8. O-Puff Recreational Oxygen

Photo credit

O-Puff is a great add on for any stoner gift. It’s 95% pure recreational oxygen helps expand your mind, enhance your high, relax and unwind and recover from a big puff. It’s even great to use after a late night or exponsure to pollution and altitiude to recoup and increase focus and mental clarity.

9. Puff Puff Pass Ashtray

Photo credit

For the classy stoner in your life, get this puff puff pass ashtray. Coated in real gold and hand-made in Brooklyn by home design duo Na Kim & Dierdre Shea. It could even double as unconventional storage for earrings & rings.

10. The Stoner’s Colouring Book

Photo credit: The Stoner’s Coloring Book

11. Chocolate Box Full of Buds

Photo credit

When in doubt, get creative. Make them think you just got them a box of choolates when to their surprise, it’s actually filled with amazing buds. You could even mix up the strainsand label them for a holiday sampler.

12. Head Massager

Photo credit

Don’t let the weird design fool you, damn do these head massagers feel good. I promise you, give this to your special someone and have them begging you to never stop! You can use it on yourself but I recommend toking up and taking turns giving eachother a go – it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

13. iHit – Best Bud Bundle

Photo credit

For the techy stoner you know, or anyone with an iPhone. This best bud bundle includes a cash to secreley store your stash and a flameless lighter. Stores your joints and light em too, all with just your phone.

14. Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers

Photo credit

Puff, puff, pass in style over the holidays with these bougy 24K gold rolling papers. They also have cones, squad packs, woven blunts and Tyga (the rapper) sponsored packs. Not convinced? Watch a video of 2 Chainz smoking the most expensive joint in the world (alla Shine) here.

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