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Why C-Cell? Starbuds Disposable C-Cell Vape Pens - Why They Make a Difference

So, you’re probably wondering - what is a C-Cell and how does it differ from the marijuana disposables you’re used to? Well, C-Cell refers to a ceramic heating element within the disposable vape pen. I’m sure you may have purchased a disposable vape pen in the past and had it give you a few really good pulls before it became stuck and nearly impossible to hit. That’s due in part to the cannabis oil having to go through a wick-based coil that would often get “gummed up” with the thick cannabis oil. C-Cell technology, on the other hand, eliminates this issue because it is specifically designed to absorb and vaporize cannabis oils of all viscosity. You no longer have to deal with uneven and ineffective heating of the cannabis oil which can sometimes lead to a bad taste. C-Cell technology provides a clean, even burn helping to preserve the flavors and terpenes of the original flower. Within our C-Cell disposable vape pens, Starbuds uses high quality cannabis to produce the premium CO2 oil that goes into our disposable vape pens. Our natural cannabis extract utilizes only cannabis derived terpenes and is never cut with propylene glycol or artificial flavors. This combined with the ceramic heating element delivers the best flavor, the best high and a consistent product that is smooth until the last drop. While all of the different strains hit hard and are quite potent, here’s a few of my favorites...

Tiger’s Milk

No surprise this one hits like a beast! After just a few hits you get that cloudy head high followed by a relaxed feeling in your entire body. The CO2 cannabis oil is clean as can be, but there are definitely still some terpenes present from the original bud. The flavor is a bit earthy and finishes with a subtle creamy chocolate milk flavor.

Super White

One of our most flavorful cannabis oils loaded with lemon, lime and even hop flavors. A very balanced high between the head and body makes this the perfect hybrid. I personally used this one while I was exploring an old creepy bridge up in the mountains, but I can also see it working just as well for someone who simply wants to chill at home.

Groovy G2

Very complex terpenes on this one. It starts off with a fresh note of kale and mustard greens and finishes with a lovely hint of dark berries. Like so many of our strains this one seems to do double duty giving you both a head and body high. The high is very smooth and relaxed me to where I felt like I just got a massage. I’d recommend using this one more before bed or if you’re in the mood to sit around and have a lazy day.


Ed Barcas III worked in the beer, wine and liquor industry for 15 years. He is a certified tasting judge and has used this experience to transition to become Starbuds’ resident cannabis connoisseur. When he’s not writing about cannabis, he can be found exploring creepy locales in Colorado as an amateur paranormal investigator.

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