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Six-Seater Wooden Foldable Dining Table

The wooden six-seat dining table is a classic but modern look to it. The light grey and mid-brown combination of the dining table set creates an inviting and cozy feel to the dining space. But, it is important to note that the chairs that are part of this dining set might not always be completely encased underneath the table. When the table can be folded to a an right angle, with leg support it can be able to hold three people. However, it can also accommodate up to six persons when fully opened.

The table folds and goes nicely with the geometric-patterned rug, the elegant chandelier, and the large open cabinet to the side.

Two- To Four-Seater Convertible Foldable Dining Table With Storage Space For Chairs

Doesn't this folding dining table design appear stunning and irresistible? When it's not being used the foldable dining table can be used as a side table to the wall. However, when you want to take it out, you are able to transform it into one of two seats or a four-seater in accordance with your needs. This model also has two flaps that drop down, a white middle panel that is fixed with leg support, as well as an inside storage space to accommodate four folding chairs.

The design of this foldable convertible dining table is enhanced by the natural light streaming through the windows. The combination of wheels makes this piece of furniture more functional.

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